Developer Evangelist

Job description

As an Developer Evangelist, you will establish strong relationships with the developer community (+1.500 to date and growing by 30% month over month) to inspire and empower them to deliver video to any website, app or device.


In this role you’ll have 4 primary goals:

  1. Develop Community: Actively promote and increase the different online platforms to build awareness, adoption and help developers to use

  2. Create Content: Write  about video in general and in particular; Bring value to developers by creating tutorials, educational content and videos documenting how to best use our APIs in conjunction with other trendy technologies; Write guides and documentation that help developers understand how works

  3. Publish Code: Create open source libraries, tooling, or demos and examples that make it easier for developers to work with video or to provide inspiration for projects making use of the platform.

  4. Advise: Represent the needs of developers in the marketing and sales teams, and advise them on how best to communicate with the developer communities and to shape product direction, especially around areas like documentation, onboarding, and API design.

Give feedback to our internal technical team to improve the current service and help optimizing the roadmap to answer best the need of the community.


Here are some of the activities you’ll likely be doing to support these goals:

  • Create tutorials, examples and sample apps that help get developers excited about

  • Write tutorials to educate and showcase what developers can build with our APIs.

  • Contribute to Open Source projects and  grow the developer communities (on social media, forums, specific communities,...).

  • Experiment with multimedia content like videos or live streaming to educate and engage with the communities.

  • Provide feedback from the communities to our  technical and marketing teams

  • Work closely to Marketing team to help with Developer Experience, for example improving the onboarding experience for developers.

  • Set up hackathons, with the help of technical team, to generate new ideas and raise interest in the service.


  • You come from a developer background

  • You love building prototypes and side projects, especially if it gives you the opportunity to play with new frameworks & languages

  • You are always curious about new technology - and you want to share your knowledge

  • You like creating content that helps developers do their jobs better, meaning that you have very good English writing skills.

  • You are comfortable to speak in public,  to talk about tech with other developers - whether that’s in-person at an event or hackathon, or online on a screencast.

  • You believe that, although events are important, there are lots of other ways to get’s product in the hands of developers - and you want to try them out.